Louise from Birmingham wrote: I contacted Vicky as I was experiencing weight problems, feeling lethargic, low energy, high blood pressure, ill most of the time.

Vicky recommended a diet plan – low carbs, no low fat foods, white meat and fish. Drinks to take every day in the form of food supplements.

I took her advice and stuck to the plan rigidly for 1 month. I have made many changes to my diet which will just stick as they have become habit.  I’ve drastically reduced my diet coke habit.  I have been forgetting to drink my food supplements so Vicky has now refocused me on that.

The result after just one month was less bloating, sleeping better, no illnesses, feeling more alert, less tired, less mood swings, generally happier and more positive, I now play tennis again and I’m back in heels and I have lost a stone in weight.

I will be continuing with the regime as I see it as a 12 month thing to reach my goal.



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