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These days we’re all living longer so it’s really important that we can maintain good health. Feelgood Factor came about through my passion to help people optimise their health through what they eat, what they put on their skin and how they clean their homes. We live in a toxic world with the environment we live in, the way our food is produced and our modern lifestyles all working against our efforts to be the healthiest we can be.

Things get out of balance so we need to get in touch with our bodies to regain the equilibrium. We may feel healthy, but we may also feel tired, lack energy, have skin problems, poor immunity, weight gain… Healthy nutrition can help prevent and cure disease which in turn helps us be as healthy as we can be rather than simply not ill.

As a qualified Nutrition Adviser, I have developed healthy eating programmes that  will help you to work towards elite health. Add to this a healthy approach to skincare and a reduction in the amount of harmful chemicals in the home and we’re well on the way to regaining control and making a massive difference to the long term health of ourselves and our families.


I hope you enjoy reading my top tips and regular blogs and if you would like my help to have a healthier lifestyle, please contact me

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