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Have you ever thought about the number of different chemicals you use in your home on a daily basis? Have a look under your sink and in your bathroom and see what you can find – no doubt everything from washing powder to washing up liquid, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, window cleaner, air freshener, bleach, stain remover, car shampoo, ….. The list goes on. Have you ever read the ingredients found in these products and wondered what effect these have on you and your family as you breathe them in? Not to mention all the toiletries you and your family apply directly to your skin?

Would you prefer to create a safe haven in your home? One where you could clean your home with truly eco-friendly cleaning products made in the UK from natural plant based cleansers combined with probiotic friendly bacteria to digest the dirt and germs without the need to toxic chemicals? Products that are natural, bio-degradable and free from parabens, phthalates, phosphates and caustic substances (Google them if you aren’t sure what they are) and that actually work?

Since I discovered the Clean Living range, I can verify that this is indeed possible. The products are not only natural, award winning, eco-friendly and effective, they are also as sustainable as possible. The aluminium spray bottles are robust, reusable and recyclable. Products are supplied as sachets of concentrate that you dilute yourself in the spray bottle by adding water – after all 90% of most cleaning products is water anyway so by not shipping water, it keeps the shipping cost down and the carbon footprint low. And by taking out a regular subscription for your refills, they work out very cheap and very convenient, delivered direct to your door.

My favourite product is the Laundry Strips – wafers of concentrated laundry detergent with no added phosphates, sulphates, bleach, dyes, parabens, plastic, phthalates, fillers or toxic chemicals. You wouldn’t believe they could clean your clothes, but they do! Effective at all temperatures and great if the additives in conventional laundry products irritate your skin. I especially like the compact, compostable packaging.

So if you hate cleaning as much as I do and would welcome a quick and effective option that saves youl time and money, don’t hesitate to contact me or to visit my webshop click here



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