Healthy Skin

Your skin is your largest organ and it is designed to protect you against external harms such as bacteria and UV radiation. It is also capable of absorbing some substances that you put on it and these can find their way into our bloodstream – which is why medical patches are so effective.

In fact you can try a little experiment – crush a garlic clove and rub it onto the soles of your feet. I can guarantee that within 15 minutes, you will taste garlic on your breath!

Therefore you may want to think about the toiletries, cosmetics and skincare products you use on a daily basis and what they contain. Is it natural, plant based, organic ingredients? Or is it harmful chemicals?

My advice is – if you aren’t prepared to eat it, why would you put it on your skin? This is why I recommend L’amara skincare, (suitable for women and men) – I know I can pronounce all the ingredients in these products and this is a natural, organic, scientifically based, botanical product that nurtures the skin using up to date, safe ingredients to promote anti-ageing to make your skin not only look younger but also behave like young skin.

And if you need any help with making your choice, don’t hesitate to contact me or visit my webshop by clicking here.


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