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When you are following a healthy eating programme, it’s good to stick to the healthy choice items as much as you can but the 80:20 rule is a good one to follow to ensure you are making healthy choices most of the time without depriving yourself of things you enjoy now and again. In other words, a balanced diet.

As part of my healthy eating programmes, I provide my clients with menu planners, recipes and even shopping lists to ensure they find it easy to stick to the programme. However, I am often asked about eating out. My general advice is to try and stick to items shopping listthat are included on the shopping list, but how can you manage to keep up with a healthy eating regime when presented with all manner of temptations when eating out? Do you find it difficult to make the right choices from a menu that is crammed with burgers and pizzas and chips and pasta and cream sauces and deep fried things, not to mention the dessert menu and the cocktails and the speciality coffees…. the list goes on!

Well don’t panic, because here are my Top 10 Tips for making healthy choices while eating

  1.  Never go out to eat when you are so hungry you could eat a horse and your hunger is actually affecting your mood – I believe the term is HANGRY!
  2.  Many restaurants have a website where you can view the menu online before you go and plan your meal before you even set foot in there. I have often changed my mind about my intended destination as a result of seeing the food that’s on offer.
  3.  Say “No thank you” to the baskets of breads and dips.
  4.  Always choose your proteins and veggies grilled, steamed or baked/roasted.
  5.  Be present when eating. Eat really slowly and savour your food. That way your brain has a chance to signal to you that you are full before it’s too late.
  6.  Vegetables and salad should take up half of your plate. The other half should be split between protein and starchy carbs (Remember – vegetables are also carbs but should always exceed the amount of starchy carbs you eat).healthy plate
  7.  Avoid desserts and cocktails.
  8.  Reastaurant portions sizes are often on the XL side, so don’t feel the need to clear your plate. In fact, put your napkin over your plate when you’re finished so the waiter knows and can take it away.
  9.  If you know you won’t be able to finish your meal, eat the proteins first as these will fill you up and keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  10.  As the paying customer, don’t be afraid to ask for your food the way you want it or to ask questions about how the food is prepared.

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Vicky Farmer
Feelgood Factor – The Holistic Approach to a Healthier Lifestyle

Vicky is a Nutrition Adviser and Transformational Elite Health Coach with a mission to help the nation achieve optimal health. We are all living longer so it’s really important to ensure we live as long and healthy a life as we can. Healthy eating, a natural approach to skincare and a reduction in the amount of harmful chemicals in the home all play a part in ensuring we are as healthy as we can be rather than simply not ill. For more information visit

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