A Rose By Any Other Name

Spring is here and I expect many of you are out in your gardens getting them ready for a beautiful display of colourful flowers over the coming months. But are you troubled by weeds spoiling your view? And if you are what do you about it?

flower garden

  • You could pull them up – but that only results in them growing back even stronger, especially if you don’t remove all the roots.
  • Or you could spray them with chemicals – but that’s going to create a toxic environment and may even kill the beautiful blooms.
  • By far the best way is to simply plant more flowers to smother all the weeds.


The same applies to our health. In particular, recent scientific research has found that the key to optimum health is to have a healthy gut, because in our gut we have good and bad bacteria that work together to keep us healthy. The good bacteria are the flowers and the bad ones are the weeds.

A good balance between good and bad is 85% good to 15% bad but for many people this ratio is reversed with the “weeds” taking over. This may be the evidenced by a number of factors including taking medication (especially antibiotics), vitamin and mineral deficiencies, stress, skin problems and even some autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and IBS.

So it stands to reason we need to nourish the flowers and smother the weeds and here are some simple steps to help you balance your gut bacteria:gut health

  1. Avoid toxins, including sugars and saturated fats (amongst other things), that help to nourish the bad bacteria.
  2. Eat fermented foods, such as Sauerkraut, kimchi, yoghurt or kefir, to help nourish the good bacteria.
  3. Take Probiotic supplements – but just like gut bacteria there are good and bad ones:
    *  Stay away from “bargain bin” prices; you get what you pay for.
    *  Ensure they are potent with at least 10billion bacteria and more than 5 different strains of bacteria per dose – I recommend ProB11 which has 11 strains.
  4. Manage your stress

The good news is that with knowledge and smart action it is possible to literally heal yourself from the inside out.
It won’t happen overnight but changing your gut might be the first step to changing your life.


Till next time.




Vicky Farmer
Feelgood Factor – The Holistic Approach to a Healthier Lifestyle

Vicky is a nutrition adviser with a mission to help the nation achieve elite health. We are all living longer so it’s really important to ensure we live as long and healthy a life as we can. Healthy eating, a natural approach to skincare and a reduction in the amount of harmful chemicals in the home all play a part in ensuring we are as healthy as we can be rather than simply not ill. For more information visit vickyfarmer.com


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